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Cheat #83-274A

Just a memory to help get things rolling.

It happened while I was in grad school, nearly at the end of a program. I was married at the time and then suddenly, I wasn't. A woman who was about to graduate at the same time decided that my pain at losing my way relationship-wise, was as good a reason as any to comfort me and so we connected. Of course, there was the matter of her husband that created a bit of an obstacle. Not really much of one, but we had to work around his schedule to some degree. There isn't really much to say about our affair. It was all about sex - wall-to-wall sex done in marathon sessions that required several intermissions and copious stores of lubricants. It ended as quickly as it began when she took an interest in a friend I introduced her to at a party.

As affairs go, I'd rate it as average. What was interesting was being the "other" person in someone else's marriage. I had no power in our relationship other than what my sexual prowess earned me. I was there entirely at her whim and disposal, which was fine with me. My life was pregnant with the cachet of change and transition anyway. What did it matter to me that she was using me to deal with her dodgy marriage?

One memory of that affair that has stuck in my mind over the years is as follows:

One particularly grueling encounter found me completely unable to climax. Quite literally on her way out the door she took one last stab at getting me off. There in the darkness of my living room, she finally pushed me over the edge and I glazed her face like a Krispy Kreme donut - eyes nearly glued shut. Picture that, then cut forward two days to the Halloween party where she introduced me to the doofus she kept at home. She was being so different from the last time I'd seen her, so reserved and walking such a diplomatic tightrope, and I couldn't help but flash back to the sight of her covered with me and I could scarcely contain my laughter. He must have thought me weird - a first class flake. He must have really been pissed when he learned that it was me who had been the interloper in his relationship.
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