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Your Cheating Heart
Stories of Infidelity From The Heartland And Elsewhere
I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman
Borrowing on the teachings of the estimable William Jefferson Clinton, but with a twist.

I watched the top of her head bobbing up and down over my cock and I drank in the wonderful sensations her mouth was creating. She had a good technique and a sexy presentation, and had obviously done this quite a bit before. She, sucked on, licked and stroked my cock with her lips, tongue and hands, all the while playing with my balls and touching me in a smooth, sexy way. One of the nicest things about a blow job is that a pretty face almost always looks prettier with my cock in the picture, and she had a very nice face that looked exceptionally nice with my cock in the middle of it. I reached down to move her thick brown hair out of the way so that I could see her better and see her more clearly as she worked on me. She glanced up at me when I did and when our eyes met there was a connection that felt very nice.

We were on the sofa in her living room and she was sprawled out over my legs as I was sprawled out over the sofa. We were trying to be quiet because her roommate was asleep in her bedroom, which was directly off of the living room in this old house that had been divided into apartments. Well, on second thought, it was me who was trying to be quiet, not her, and I'd let slip a few moans and groans as she worked on me. I don't know why she hadn't invited me into her bedroom, but at the moment, that was the farthest thing from my mind. I was content with the attention she paid to me with her mouth. She paid special attention to the underside of the head of my cock, where all the most sensitive areas are, and I appreciated every moment of what she did.

It was strange how I'd ended up with this woman - her roommate was the former live-in love interest of a college roommate, friend and bandmate of mine. She'd lived at our house for perhaps six months, and as you well know, when you live with someone in a casual setting such as that, you get those occasional glimpses of a bare bottom or breasts that happen at unguarded moments. I'd always liked her as a person, and I'd definitely liked what I'd seen of her, but she was committed to my friend and I wasn't about to take any action. Several years later, while in a city about fifty miles from where I'd relocated after college, I ran into her on the street, and when I found that she wasn't attached, I was immediately interested. We'd gone back to her place to catch up with each other, and while there, I met her roommate. Somewhat uncomfortably, there was an immediate chemistry between me and her roommate, and while the woman I'd gone to visit was in the bathroom, the roommate asked me out. Even though I was interested in the other woman, my friend, since I didn't know if that feeling was mutual, I wasn't about to turn down a date with her cute roomie. When I left that afternoon, I had their phone number and my friend had hinted that she'd like to re-kindle a friendship, if not something else. A couple of days later, I went out with the roomie and so as not to screw my chances up with my friend, I'd had her meet me at the restaurant. We went to dinner and then to a small gathering of friends and it turned out that we hit it off very well. When I took her home, my friend, her roommate was asleep and we sat in the living room talking and getting to know one another. Well, one thing led to another until we were kissing passionately. Sex was obviously the next step, but she stopped us and told me she was having her period and didn't want to have sex. She did offer me my choice of head or hand which was just darn nice of her and that was how we'd gotten to where we were.

Her lips were tightly pursed around my cock and she was moving them rapidly up and down the shaft of my cock. I was starting to get to that final phase of sex where I knew I'd soon be letting loose and it was increasingly harder for me to restrain myself. I told her what a good job she was doing in pleasuring me, and I thought I'd said it softly, but as it turned out, I'd said it loudly enough that I'd awakened my friend, her roommate. Through the depths of my rapture, I somehow sensed a presence in the room that hadn't been there a moment before, and when I looked around, I saw my friend watching us from behind her door, which was now ajar. She didn't flinch when our eyes met, and she continued to watch from the safety of the shadows. I alternated between watching the woman at my cock and watching my friend watching us, thinking all the while that this was a.)pretty hot and b.)pretty strange. Soon enough nature took it's course and I came. The woman administering her oral mercies to me pulled away as I came and let me cum on her face. As I did, I glanced at my friend who had opened the door a bit farther and was now watching us with great interest. After the fireworks were over, she quietly shut the door and left us to clean up. Shortly, I bade my new friend goodnight and drove home wondering what my friend was thinking about all of what she'd witnessed, and how badly I might have screwed up my chances with her.

I was curious enough about what she was thinking that I called her the next morning to find out. She affirmed that she'd watched and she made a few remarks about how hot it had been to watch, but she didn't elaborate on her reactions to any great degree. I was a bit befuddled by her reticence to talk about it, but thought that maybe she was embarrassed or self-conscious about it, so I didn't press her. She did ask, however, if I wanted to have dinner with her that evening. Well, sure I did. She was the one I was interested in anyway, so why not? I expected maybe a little awkwardness when I got there, but figured I'd pick my way across the minefield somehow. To my relief, the roommate was at work and wouldn't be home until late. I enjoyed a homemade meal courtesy of my friend and after cleaning up the dishes we went in the living to sit on the sofa, where less than 24 hours earlier, my friend had watched me in the throes of gratification at the hands of her roommate. I broached the subject of what had happened the night before to see if I couldn't find out a little more from her about what she was thinking and feeling about that. She repeated that she'd found what she'd seen quite stimulating and she said was surprised because she didn't know there was any interest between me and her roommate. I explained what had happened that had brought her roommate and I together, and then I asked her if what had happened meant that there wasn't any chance for the two of us to get together.

That's when she said something that really surprised me. She said that if I was interested in her roommate that she wouldn't get in the way, but that she also didn't consider that what she'd seen the night before was a sexual encounter. This was the first time I heard the now-infamous contention that oral sex was not sex. Her belief was that men have certain needs and that expressing those needs with a woman didn't necessarily mean that a man was interested in that woman emotionally. Imagine that. Here was a woman who subscribed to the belief that "men will be men" and that being men didn't mean a damn thing. So I told her that the interest that had brought me over to her house in the first place was her, and I asked her if she was interested in pursuing anything with me. She had her tongue down past my tonsils in a microsecond and had her hand in my pants in another microsecond. I guess that was a "yes". We went to her bedroom unbuttoning and unbuckling all the way across the living room. Once in her bedroom, our clothes were thrown off like confetti thrown on New Year's Eve. Her body was as nice as I'd guessed it was when I'd seen some fleeting glimpses of it and for the next couple of hours, I got to play with her breasts and taste her cunt and put myself into her and fill her with my juices while absorbing hers. She confessed that she'd gone back to bed the night before, after watching me spatter her roommate's face, and she'd masturbated for a good long while thinking about it. She said that was when she'd decided that she wanted to pursue something with me.

You Feel: happy
You're Listening To: *** 1608. Universal Honey - Upfront with You

10 Cheater's Stories SO What's Your Story?
From: renimartin Date: August 2nd, 2004 11:56 am (UTC) (Link)
hello friend pls feel free to join my community, and thanx for accepting me into ur community
jeffjustin From: jeffjustin Date: August 2nd, 2004 10:53 pm (UTC) (Link)
I've taken a brief look at a couple of entries in your journal and I think you might well understand the complications of my life and some of the others who drop in here. Might I suggest that you friend my other journal jeffjustin. I post a lot of my more current complications over there. I'll friend you later tonight.
From: renimartin Date: August 3rd, 2004 10:59 am (UTC) (Link)
thanx for looking into my journal
From: (Anonymous) Date: September 10th, 2004 09:00 am (UTC) (Link)
O.k. here is my cheating story.............

Sorry for the anonymous post..I needed to get this off my chest and well here I go.I'm interested in your perspective

My father had a massive stroke had a quarter of his brain removed and at that time I was pretty stressed out.In fact was slightly crazy about life and death and stuff in general.Anyways, my boyfriend works nights and doesn't really put out enough so I needed a distraction.I really wasn't sure what I wanted from this guy, it was basically heavy petting, necking, whatever.He kept stressing that he didn't want to have sex, well the first time we fooled around he did and then..later he didn't want to.This went on for about 2 months and he eventually said I should leave my boyfriend.He made all kinds of sensitive offers wanted me to move in with him, and cried when I said I couldn't have a future because of his vasectomy.In the end I dumped my boyfriend and slept with him for the first time.He then jumped out of bed freaked out and said "it was all happening to fast and I had to leave him alone, he needed space."

He didn't call me for a week and said I had just gotten out of a relationship and it was to soon and that he wanted to take care of his son more( has joint custody with his ex.)We hung out once after that he played all kinds of romantic music and talked about finding the one, it hurt like hell.

I pretended not to care.Eventually I emailed him professing my love to him, he never replied, I did get back together with my boyfriend.I stopped going places he and I both frequented for two months then after a while.I grew angry and just said that he was a jerk ya da ya da..in an email.

Then finally 5 months later I saw him and missed him, I emailed him telling him I was sorry, which was a bit silly and that I missed him.During the two months we hung out it felt so honest and open and free.But then near the end he was saying things like I don't tell more than one person what's really going on with me.You have to be superficial people can't handle the truth.He also said he acted weird with me and he was glad to go back to his other friends.

All during this time my dad was in the hospital then released with his balanced removed the damage was severe.Friends say that he was an asshole, because they saw how vulnerable I was at that time.I'm not sure what to make of it, of him why he left? what motivated it? this emoish boy in sheeps clothing had me thinking that we we're matched perfectly.So for one I feel guilty for doing it? but should I? I learned my lesson and certainly suffered.SEcondly, the fact that he terminated the relationship hurt? and effected how I felt about my physical appearance.Thirdly, I don't like that my boyfriend was decieved.Fourthly, I'm afraid he will find out but it's been a year.I've actually been hiding from all people that know him.He may be leaving town, he told me during the time together that he'd go to art school in a town 300 miles away.I saw him on Sunday at an outdoor market I work at.He knows I'm there, I wondered if he wanted to talk I ran away for half an hour.

I still have mixed feelings about him.Because some part of me wants to write a script that works, where the ex affair guy loves me and cares for me.He apparently doesn't keep friend's out of site out of mind, but he looked forward to me coming to visit him when he went to art school.We're not college age we're in our late twenties and early thirties just to give you a bit of a picture.I'll check back for responses.
From: (Anonymous) Date: September 10th, 2004 09:03 am (UTC) (Link)
It seems anonymous users can not edit there comments.O.k. this all took place about a year and a half ago.
jeffjustin From: jeffjustin Date: September 12th, 2004 03:08 pm (UTC) (Link)
So it's kind of a shame that you didn't get what you wanted from your affair. It seems like the whole point of doing that, of gambling on an outside relationship is to feel better and to feel something that you're not getting in your other relationships.

But it sounds as though you got left with just blame and guilt and that's not good. My impression is that the guy you chose was just not a good partner, that he was way too caught up in his own dramas and issues. He obviouosly couldn't give you his whole emotional or physical presence and in my opinion, that's just not good enough for any relationship, affair or not. Maybe, if you ever decide to try that again, you'll look for someone who's more together and won't drag you down to his level instead of giving you a lift up like you wanted.

I've got more comments but I'm very short of time right now. I'll come bak later and fill in the blanks.

From: (Anonymous) Date: September 13th, 2004 07:09 am (UTC) (Link)
thanks, it was hard to know he was like that.Until we slept together, he seemed like a nice person.Although there we're a few sign's, I chose to ignore.I'm not sure if I'll ever do it again, it's tricky.I don't really want to get caught, I do need more sex though.
From: (Anonymous) Date: September 14th, 2004 10:02 am (UTC) (Link)
This is an interesting community, I'd love to hear more in terms of your opinion on this, the same woman from before.I'd like to sign into this community but in a more anonymous form.I wonder if I can get another account.I would not share this cheating info with everybody it's great that you do though.I just can't at this point.
From: swimmike Date: October 4th, 2004 02:21 pm (UTC) (Link)

Fellow Cheater

Well Ive been married for 15 years and have been unfaithful for about 10 of those. I have probably slept with 8 different women in that time. Not to mention numerous meetings that never resulted in an actual sexual encounter.

I would be interested in hearing from others like me.

Whould love to be added to this community.

From: (Anonymous) Date: November 6th, 2004 07:24 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Fellow Cheater

Interesting and I'm sure you still love your wife, just a little something for yourself on the side.Recently I have become interested in a guy I serve.I still have a boyfriend and have realised that even though, I felt bad for the last cheat, I still need a new partner very year or so.

Anyways, I'm thinking of telling him.MAybe just coffee first, it's hard to know where it will go or if the person isn't going to be completely nuts.I.E.- too inmature or has past issues to handle sex.Because ultimately that's what I want from him in the end.

Ideally it eventually fades away and staying friend's with the person is the best situation turn out.Mind you it's a 22 year old I think around that age and I'm thirty and quite experienced.So there are several possibilities.I also don't want to hurt the guy either.Once a week is what I'd like from him.But it may make him want me more or not at all.That's one of the reason's I'm scared to ask to, rejection.

I wrote here earlier the stroke dad story still posting anonymously for safety issues.
10 Cheater's Stories SO What's Your Story?