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A Couple Of Open Questions

This is just a very short story and a couple of questions.

I'm seeing four women right now. I don't make any secret about the fact that I'm seeing them. I tell each of them that I see other women, I put that out up front so there are no surprises, no hurt feelings, no screaming infidelity arguments to deal with. Of course I don't share the gory details about the others with any of them, because I don't think that's right. But if one of them asks, I tell her enough to answer her questions, though I try to do that in a way that I hope won't be hurtful. I know that two of them see other men. One I know doesn't see anyone but me. The fourth I'm not sure about. The one who's not seeing anyone else would like to have me to herself, but she tolerates my ways.

These are all active relationships - I see each of them at least once a week, and sometimes more. All four of these relationships are active sexual relationships. I do my very best to be 100% committed to whomever I'm with and to let her know that she's all that's on my mind. I don't compare them to each other because they're all very different people and I love them for who they are and it wouldn't be fair to compare them.

I'm relatively content with the way things are right now. Some of my friends think I'm crazy. They say I should know better since I've been through the wringer with I've been through in the past. They try to encourage me to choose one and stick with her. They don't seem to grasp that this is a mutual choice among all parties involved. They don't understand that I don't want to choose between them. They don't understand that I love them all.

I know that technically, since they all know that there are others this isn't cheating, but some people tell me that they think it is - I guess more properly, they think it's infidelity.

Poll #321146 What Do You Think?

Is what I'm doing cheating?


Do you think I'm being unfaithful to anyone?

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