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Eating Danish or Dutch Treat, Your Choice

The Cheating Continues

I actually cheated on my ex a couple of months before we got married. To start at the beginning, my ex was Dutch and though her parents had emigrated to the US, most of the rest of her family was still living back in Europe. We traveled to Europe frequently and we often entertained relatives when they came stateside to visit. Her favourite cousin, Morris, and his wife, Alfie (she pronounced it Ell-fee) were staying with us for a month using our house as a base of operations to take other trips around the US. Alfie was Danish, and a very typical blonde, blue-eyed one at that. Alfie was in the habit of walking around half-dressed, especially apres shower. They'd been with us for most of a couple of weeks and I'd seen most of what young Alfie had to offer. On the particular night in question, E. had brought M. and A. to the club where we were playing and they'd danced and drank all night. When I got home, E. was sound asleep and made it obvious that she wanted to remain that way. I went back downstairs got a beer and sat down on the sofa in my underwear to watch a little late night TV. Maybe twenty minutes later I heard some stirring upstairs. I thought that it was just a late night bathroom run and didn't think much about it until I heard footsteps on the stairs. I could tell it wasn't Morrice, because the footsteps weren't that heavy. It's probably E., I thought. She's coming downstairs to atone for putting me off. I was mildly surprised when it was Alfie who emerged from the shadows into the living room. She was wearing an oversized T-shirt and nothing else.

I motioned for her to sit down and she did. Now, I need to mention at this point that Alfie spoke almost no English. She spoke Danish and broken, Danish-accented Dutch. Apart from English, my other language was German, which is close enough to Dutch for me to get by, but I wasn't too strong on my Dutch at this point in my relationship with E. So Alfie and I had a bit of a communication problem. We could make ourselves understood to each other, but it wasn't conversational. I offered her a beer, which she declined, then she rolled a cigarette, and we sat in silence watching some stupid horror film. It couldn't have been more than ten minutes that she was asking me what was happening in the movie and we were laughing both at the stupid movie and at my feeble attempts to convey what was happening in it. At some point, we started to edge closer to each other and soon we were kissing and since it didn't take any language at all to have sex, we did that. While we were busy with our faces in each others crotches, I did wonder what would happen if E. or M. came downstairs, but I didn't let that slow me down one bit. After an hour of fucking and sucking , we were both satisfied enough and we went upstairs to get some sleep - Alfie with her husband, and me with my wife to be. Fair enough.
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