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OK, So Let's Stir The Pot Here...

Cyber-cheating. Anyone done it? You know, having something going on with someone online, whether it's on IM, or IRC or in a space like this, hell, even via email. Lot's of possibilities with this one. Having a real relationship in meatspace and keeping one or more on the side in cyberland, and your boy/girlfriend husband or wife can't figure out what's so appealing to you about that damn computer. Maybe you're having one main relationship in cyberland and cheating on them with someone else in cyberspace. Or, maybe you're conducting a serious relationship online, maybe with someone you know in meatspace but you're separated from, and still making the time for a little action on the side in real-life.

The closest I've come to cybercheating was a few years ago when I was seeing a woman who did phone sex as a second job. Sometimes, when I was over, she'd get a call and the first couple of times it happened I just sat there kind of awkward, not really knowing what to do, what my role was supposed to be, if I had any role at all. Then, maybe the third time it happened, I decided I wasn't going to just sit there and listen, 'cause that was just too, I don't know, too, voyeuristic. After she'd donned her headset, I sat down next to her and started to sneak into her shorts while she was on the phone with her caller. She tried to bat me away at first, but I'm a persistent little imp and I kept it up. Pretty soon I had her going good and she was as hot as the caller she was talking too. She and I had a great sex session and by the time she was done with him, she was done. She definitely gave that guy a realistic performance and I imagine that he thought she was just totally wild, and I suppose that's not too far from the truth. I know he got his money's worth, and I know that she earned her portion of the call, and I know I had a good time. We did that several other times and it was fun each time, 'cause we never knew how it would turn out. It was kind of like the cyber-stuff, 'cause it was anonymous and distant, but it wasn't exactly.

Anyway, this made-up world of false identities and electronic anonymity seems like it's ideal for cheaters who want to skulk around in the shadows cloaked in mystery and intrigue. But then that's just me thinking out loud.

Anyone else got a tale to tell?
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