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Some More Cheating Cuz Things Are Slow Here

This one is a little more esoteric because it's a double cheat. When I think of where I was emotionally when this happened, I'm somewhat amazed that I made it through that period without self-destructing.

I was working as a regional manager for a company that did consulting with other businesses. I traveled perhaps 50K miles a year in-state and I was in other people's businesses all the time. I met a woman at one of my client companies and we hit it off. I had lunch with her from time to time and I got to know her a bit. She was having a rough time with a divorce and she bent my ear to no end about that.

Rather out of the blue, one day at lunch she asked me if I was interested in having an affair with her. Right between the salad and the entree. What was I supposed to say? I said sure, why not? I really couldn't think of any reason not to. So I fit her into my already busy schedule and things went along for a couple of months. Then I met another woman, similar situation. She'd dropped some hints about being interested in something, but she wasn't as bold as the other one. One day she won some tickets to a basketball playoff game on a radio call-in and she called me up and invited me to go with her. OK. Message received.

We never even made it to the game, because we decided during dinner that each other looked like dessert. Back to her place for a fun roll in the hay, and then home to the wife. Well, not quite. I had to pass my other girlfriends house on the 45-minute drive home from the second one's house, so since I was on that side of town, I rang her up on the mobile and stopped by for a quickie on the way home. It occurred to me on the way home that I was cheating on my girlfriend and my wife. The girlfriend knew about the wife, the second girlfriend knew about the wife, neither of them knew about the other, and the wife apparently didn't know about either of them. Whew.

Now, home to the wife.

It was late, tired and I smelled of two women, so I thought it best to sneak in and not disturb her. My ass had no sooner hit the mattress than she rolled over and announced that she's horny and I better get with her so she can sleep. OK. Once more for the night, then blessed sleep.

What a freakin' whore I was.
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