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Cheating Story #94-34298B39

One more story before I wrap it up for the day...

After ten years of marriage I guess we'd hit that plateau that so many married couples stumble over. Life didn't hold a lot of surprises for either of us and I suppose that the human mind needs more stimulation than just the day-t0-day business of living. Work and family, friends and housework; it was all getting pretty routine.

We both ran for exercise and mental rejuvenation, but my wife was much more competitive about it than I. I was clear about why I ran - it was to get away from people, not to be around them. She, on the other hand, wanted to spend every weekend traipsing from this race to that. We tried running together, but my 7 min/mi pace was too fast for her, and her 8 min/mi pace was too slow to keep my interest. When we did run together, she nagged the whole way and that's exactly what I was working to avoid. She joined a runner's group at the local "Y" that had formed mostly to train for a very popular 10 mile run in the area. One day, she came home and announced over the dinner table that she was going to start competing in marathons. That's nice. Not that big a deal to me since I did between 20 and 25 miles every Sunday.

Her training schedule called for lots of early morning runs with the group and weekends were no exception. I adjusted my schedule and took care of the house and kids while she trained - not a problem. We were partners, after all.

Well, over a period of maybe two months I slowly became aware that she was spending more time on the phone in the evenings and also that when I answered the phone, there were more hangups. Although I didn't have any concrete suspicions I looked at the phone bills for the past few months and sure enough, there were a lot of calls to a certain Dave who lived on the other side of town so that calls got logged as local long distance. Hmm.

A little detective work and I found out a bit about him and, better yet, about their trysts. Those Saturday and Sunday morning runs were done from his house and the members of the running group were more than happy to tell me that they hadn't seen either of them there for a while.

The next weekend I had the oldest child watch things and I drove over to his apartment. The door wasn't locked and I was able to stride into his room and catch them in mid stroke. One nice touch was the video camera I carried. Mission accomplished, I left without saying a word.

Later, when she came home, there was the obligatory shouting match and lots of tears. Oh well, next time don't make it so damn easy to catch you. In the final analysis, if it had just been sex, I guess I wouldn't have minded that much. I could have worked that to benefit me as well. But she went and fell in LOVE with Davey. Beginner's mistake, that.

I'm so proud of the mother of my kids I could just shit.
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