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So, here's an interesting one - Your Cheating Heart
Stories of Infidelity From The Heartland And Elsewhere
So, here's an interesting one
I've heard a few opinions on whether or not the following encounter constitutes cheating. I'd like to hear a few more. For a very, very, very long time, I've had a, well, a thing for, a good friend of mine. Not a romantic thing, just a mad urge to have a good, sweaty, dirty fuck. However, this had always been kind of a daydream, seeing as he had absolutely no interest in me, or so I thought. A little over a year ago, we were hanging out with some friends, discussing a party that we were both going to that evening. A comment led to an innudendo, which was returned, and casual flirting ensued. Not a big deal, as he's definitely the flirtatious type.
He left. Fast forward to hours later, we're at the party, and he hadn't said two words to me all night, so I spent a great deal of the evening in the company of a different guy, that I was mildly attracted to, and who, I was fairly certain, was going to ask me out. Just as he said the words "I've been meaning to ask you something", guy #1 appears at the door and says "Hey, Lauren, I'm leaving, come tell me goodbye". I got up off the couch I was seated on, gave him a hug, and said I'd see him to the door. We got rather into a conversation we were having, and, consequently, I ended up walking out to his car with him. After a second or two of awkward silence, he asked why I had been avoiding him all night, to which I responded that he'd been the one avoiding me.

A laugh, a comment, and a minute later, and we're in the back seat. 5 minutes more, and my pants are in the front seat, and he's asking me if I was certain I wanted to. The image of the guy I'd left waiting for me inside flashed through my head, but I honestly didn't care. We had really, really great sex. Amazing sex. A quickie, but great none the less. We finished, he left, I went back in. I hadn't actually shut the door properly, when one of my very dear guy friends looks at me and goes "wow! you've got sex hair!". Of course, I freaked out a bit, and he said he was just kidding, he's only said that 'cause my haird was mussed, and where the hell had I been? I told him (truthfully, I suppose, since we'd been joking and laughing in between gasps the entire time) that I'd been talking out in guy #1's car. He shrugged and walked off. I turned to go get a drink to get the taste of semen and sweat out of my mouth, and guy #2 is standing there. He led me off to a more secluded area to talk. He asked me out less than three minutes later. And then he kissed me. God, if he only knew.

So, anyway, we dated for about three months after that. I broke it off for various reasons, none of which concerned infidelity on either of our parts. He tried repeatedly to get back with me, I turned him down every time. He started to get angry....he didn't like the injury to his pride, I suppose. He found out about the events of the night we got together, and was really angry about it. I'm not sure that I see that as justifiable. What do you think?As a side note, this was definitely not my only experience with infidelity, and none of the rest were even remotely questionable, but you'll hear about those later, as I try to figure out exactly what makes me do this. *le sigh*

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spineofchaos From: spineofchaos Date: March 16th, 2005 11:54 pm (UTC) (Link)
If you want to know why you did this...ask me personally sometime...

It is in your genes...

Humans are monogamous with adultery...it is purely genetic. Red Queen
From: traptmistress Date: November 27th, 2005 01:49 am (UTC) (Link)
I am interested in the gene theory as well, since I have always had terrible trouble with monogamy ...

and to the poster, no I don't consider that particular instance cheating. his ego is just injured.
From: damonsgirl Date: February 10th, 2006 02:50 am (UTC) (Link)
its not cheating cause you werent dating the guy when you hooked up with the other one. he asked you out AFTER the sex-epade not before
From: gntlover50 Date: November 28th, 2006 03:25 am (UTC) (Link)

My definition of Cheating is:

1. You're married, engaged or in a definite, committed relationship.
2. You have sexual relations or other intimate contact with a person, other than the one you've committed to (as in point #1) and did this without their informed consent.
If you and your s/o both agree to participate in an orgy, it's not cheating on each other.

By that definition, you were definitely not cheating.

BTW. It's probably best not to discuss past sexploits, unless there is a good reason to do so. IE, if you contracted a STD. You don't need to volunteer all the details, but don't withold important and relevant facts.
If you have genital herpes, hiv, etc. that would be relevant!
From: four_aces Date: December 21st, 2006 08:40 pm (UTC) (Link)
not cheating.

you weren't dating when you did guy #1.
5 Cheater's Stories SO What's Your Story?